Steve Blue


Steve Blue - Singer

Born in Wichita, Kansas, Steve and his family moved to Tucson, Arizona where Steve began his love affair with singing practicing and performing in his garage.  Steve's father, a specialist in government contracts and finances for aeronautics, moved the family again to Downey, California.  As a child growing up in Southern California, Steve became active in musical theatre beginning his career with Downey Children's Theatre  performing with this iconic group for many years. 

As a teenager and young adult, Steve continued to performing in musical theatre productions but also branched into the genre of Cabaret, performing his first solo engagement in 1977.  Steve also became an employee at Disneyland Resort.  His years of employment at Disneyland, introduced him not only to international entertainers, but also sparked a lifelong love affair with the park. 

In the mid 1980s, as his career began to take off as a vocalist-entertainer, Steve developed an extremely challenging, and aggressive form of skin cancer.  Steve went through 32 radiation treatments, and a rather intensive skin-flap that alas did not stop the cancer spread.  Steve went on a journey to find other options and opinions to give himself enough information to make an informative decision.  Meaning—what singer sings without a nose?? It was a painful but self-reflective process that led to the decision to have the possibly life-saving surgery (no guarantees with cancer!!).  Steve decided not to let his “new look” stop him from doing what he loved most in life.....sing!  

After receiving a prosthetic nose, Steve began the journey of re-learning how to sing, and developing his own unique voice and style through working with leading vocal coaches.  His deep spiritual faith as a religious scientist opened doors as well.  Steve began participating in his church choir, and then later became a regular soloist.  Steve still collaborates in cabaret, recital and special events concerts with members of the Religious Science movement.  Now Steve's performances are used to inspire, motivate and show his audiences that one can indeed pursue one's life passions and live life to the fullest. 

Currently in artist development with international performer James Spencer, Steve is transitioning into singing full time, performing throughout the US.  His powerful, inspirational and touching one-man show Rising Above is a definite testament to his inner strength, flexibility and resiliency. He has performed to sold out houses and recently released a digital album/CD of the many memorable tunes from his show. You may purchase your copy by clicking the store link on this website. People are raving about this album and feature's his #1 song from media sources, "If Just One Person."

Steve is currently working on several performance projects including performing rare vaudeville works of Irving Berlin, cabaret chansons of Jacques Brel, teaming-up with Debi Wheeler-Ure on a show based on the works of John Denver, Judy Collins and Joni Mitchell and more inspirational ballads reflecting the power to "Rise Above" one's self-created limits.